Innovation event

Antimicrobial rooms: Better BE.SAFE than sorry

COnnect stands for connection and social contact. We understand things better when we touch them. We feel things more intensely through touch. Haptics inspire us, triggering emotions. But what if it suddenly becomes dangerous to touch the surfaces in our surroundings?

Every year, countless people fall ill with viral and bacterial infections. Covid-19 has made us aware of this once again. In addition to complying with hygiene measures, the surface finish of interior design elements is playing an increasingly important role in actively preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria.

In this talk with environmental technology expert Helmut Köttner (Technical Manager Building and Environmental Engineering/Sustainability at Sentinel Haus) and housing health expert Peter Bachmann (Sentinel Haus), you will learn more about the significance of material selection for healthy housing and the associated compliance with future building regulations.

SWISS KRONO Product Manager Bettina Lanz will then present the latest material innovation in the field of antimicrobial surfaces for interior design. This innovative product from SWISS KRONO can make an important contribution to risk prevention and safe living spaces: BE.SAFE.


Helmut Köttner

Environmental Chemist & Technical Manager Building and Environmental Engineering / Sustainability at Sentinel Haus

Bettina Lanz

Product Manager SWISS KRONO

Peter Bachmann

Housing health expert and managing director of Sentinel Haus (German-speaking event)

Christoph Bährle

Housing health expert and managing director of Sentinel Haus (English-speaking event)

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