Flooring event

Corepel – Waterproof design floor without compromises

Whenever we renovate a house or a flat, everything has to be just right. The flooring plays a decisive role in this and has to meet many demands at the same time. It has to meet our highly subjective ideas of style while also being natural and ensuring a healthy living atmosphere. Furthermore, it should be able to withstand the strains of everyday life, whether it be playing children, wet pets or simply our day-to-day. In the past, having to make compromises was quite common. We had to decide, “either or”.


From now on, you can do away with any compromises: After all, with Corepel, you are ready for any situation. Michael Kohler, Innovation Manager and Corepel expert, is going to illustrate in our webinar with exciting experiments how the new floor innovation can combine all these properties.


Michael Kohler

Sales und Innovation Manager COREPEL

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