How Covid-19 is changing architecture

Modern architecture and construction methods can always be understood as a consequence of the fear of disease. For this reason, LeCorbusier and Adolf Loos, for example, developed their designs in such a way that the diseases at their time, such as tuberculosis, found as little breeding ground as possible. Bright, light-flooded rooms, clear lines and open layouts were intended to prevent bacteria and pests from spreading unseen. It could even be suggested that the very strict styling of Bauhaus architecture is reminiscent of hospitals. The combination of white walls and steel elements, which can still be seen today in modern architecture, demonstrates cleanliness.

We redesign living spaces

Using antimicrobial furniture surfaces, for example

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Architecture can always be seen as a consequence of drastic events. Today, we are once again at a turning point in architecture. The home, our own residence, is the seemingly safe place in times of pandemic and quarantine. But how do we live and work around the clock in the same space? What answers must architecture provide to turn shops and public spaces into places where we can have safe encounters? How much do spatial routines have to change? How do we find new places of retreat? How can architecture, material and furniture contribute to mental health?

The need for individual and simple changes in living spaces has also increased significantly because of Covid-19. In a space where we spend a lot of time, we quickly get bored and yearn for design freedom and flexibility. The need for new ideas, such as flexibly changeable walls, acoustic solutions, new layout concepts, more usable outdoor space, cosy places of retreat, safe office space concepts or antimicrobial furniture surfaces is high. Let’s redesign living spaces together.

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