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For those of you who are not Swiss, the Swiss word Chuchi translates as kitchen. Which place is always the liveliest, whether at home, in the office or in a restaurant? Exactly - the Chuchi!

Dance, workouts, events and food - all this is united under one roof in a former industrial hall in Zofingen, Switzerland. The culinary part is handled by the Chuchifabrik, designed and equipped by ipunkt. Characteristic for the special atmosphere of the gastronomic area is above all the show kitchen made of SWISSCDF panels. "The Chuchifabrik is a lively meeting place and at the same time our showroom."

The material for today's kitchen professionals.

Protect those around you with BE.SAFE antimicrobial surfaces

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The Chuchifabrik exemplifies the wide range of applications for the black compacted SWISSCDF panels. They are heavy-duty, moisture-resistant, flame-retardant and therefore ideal for use as work surfaces as well as drawer and cabinet fronts. In combination with oak veneer, they also create a restrained, elegant ambience that makes lunches as well as the regular gourmet evenings and cooking events a special event.

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