The new SWISS KRONO brand ambassador: Anna Kiesenhofer

Dear Anna Kiesenhofer, welcome to the SWISS KRONO Team. In July 2021, the Austrian won gold in the street race at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Even though she is no ordinary top athlete. In contrast to most athletes, she works without a professional management team, completely self-sufficiently. In addition to her physical fitness, she also always keeps her mental fitness at the highest level. In addition to sport, she is also a lecturer and research assistant at the Swiss EPFL in Lausanne in the field of mathematics. An invoice that pays off: Internationally successful – SWISS KRONO x ANNA KIESENHOFER.

SWISS KRONO x Anna Kiesenhofer

Olympic champion, mathematician & SWISS KRONO brand ambassador

Anna Kiesenhofer was born and raised in Austria, where she enjoyed spending time in nature as a child. However, her interest in competitive sports only developed during her mathematics studies in Vienna, when she started with the triathlon. Later she started taking part in amateur cycling races. From then on, Anna Kiesenhofer's passion for cycling developed. After a few street races at national level, she even landed a professional contract, but quickly realised that professional life was not for her and that she would rather manage her career herself. In addition to sports, the young mathematician also studied in Cambridge and Barcelona after Vienna. Anna Kiesenhofer is now a postdoctoral fellow at EPFL and is known around the world as an Olympic champion in cycling. Her unbelievable ambition, a lot of discipline and years of training brought her there.

In Anna Kiesenhofer, we have gained a person who shares the basic values ​​of SWISS KRONO and is an undisputed inspiration when it comes to discipline and ambition. She is always success-oriented, but remains responsible and acts pragmatically according to her own convictions. She is cooperative and values a helpful environment.

“I'm looking forward to bringing my ambition and discipline to the team working with SWISS KRONO. I have big plans for the future and look forward to working with them,” says Anna Kiesenhofer. We are grateful to welcome Anna Kiesenhofer to our SWISS KRONO family and look forward to the future!

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