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Feel at home: next-generation accommodation

The Moontain Hostel is located in the small French village of Oz en Oisans in the heart of the Alpe d’Huez Grand Domaine ski and hiking region and gives globetrotters, families and group travellers alike the feeling of being in a welcoming home. The building is located 1350 metres above sea level and has a hundred beds in rooms for two to twelve people. The Moontain app, with which guests can connect effortlessly, is just one of its features. The interior design implemented by designers from Structa is particularly distinctive. Its refreshingly creative atmosphere is essentially based on the use of SWISS KRONO OSB boards.

“Thanks to their natural surfaces, OSB boards are predestined for interior design.”

For a special interior look

Easy with SWISS KRONO’s lightweight and sustainable OSB.

More about OSB

OSB boards were previously mainly used in structural timber work or for renovating floors, but their unique aesthetic means that they are now also increasingly in vogue for interior design. “Moontain is neither a mountain cabin nor a hotel – it is next-generation accommodation.”

They are lightweight and robust, have good thermal and acoustic properties and create a warm, homely atmosphere, thanks to their vividly, structured wooden surface. At Moontain Hostel, they combine urban flair with the naturalness of the local mountain forests.

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