Trend Update '22: The 4 most important interior trends

This year we’re once again tackling the most relevant and important social influences in the world of interior design. What’s the impact of Covid and home working on our interior space? How do you create places for optimal mental well-being? These 4 interior trends provide the answers:

The theme of “playful” is becoming increasingly important in architecture and interior design, and yes, especially for adults. We are all confronted with such a deluge of information every day that it’s almost impossible to catch our attention. This is one of the reasons why rooms and furnishings that occupy us and with which we can interact are so much more memorable. An important tip: Concentrate not only on the functional aspect of rooms, but also on the experience they invoke.
Experiment boldly with bright and bold shades. Bring energy and colour into the interior. Feel free to find your own style in our extensive ONE WORLD solid colour palette - everything is allowed so long as it exudes positive energy.
True to the motto: “Rules are there to be broken”.

We recommend combining ONE WORLD decor with a floor from our COREPEL Flooring Collection. With its authentic texture, the pine wood grain creates a harmonious and tactile interior experience.


We are increasingly aware what impact our behaviour has on the planet. This consciousness is visible all around us. This means that we are also becoming increasingly aware of materials and their impact on the climate, but also on our health. The current trend is on healthy and sustainable living. As we spend most of our lives indoors, we want to be in control of what we breathe and how we work and sleep.

From a socio-cultural point of view, this awareness stems from women: In our global society, women are increasingly in charge, they are the main decision-makers when it comes to buying consumer goods. And as women’s values become increasingly important within our global society, it can be said that their impact has reached everyone in our global society, as they have educated the younger generations with these specific values.
This conscious way of thinking is also clearly visible in our interior design - we want more sustainable, longer-lasting products.

Conscious living can be felt through soft natural materials and sensitive, tactile surfaces. They flatter the soul and create a harmonious atmosphere.  

Lime is the wood of choice here and is really healthy. The lime tree has a feminine, peaceful aura, gives security and promotes creativity. We combine the ONE WORLD decor Lime with a velvety, super-matt beige textile pattern featuring a highly tactile, sensitive texture. Together with warm and light natural tones, they perfectly reflect this conscious living - and create a wonderfully soothing, cosy and calming mood.

And to underscore this, all of our various decors are available with BE.SAFE surfacing on request. This material offers protection against viruses and bacteria.


The ME-Shed represents a space where we can really be ourselves, where we can rest, shield ourselves from the outside world, work, relax and recharge our batteries. The biggest driver for this trend is the increasing openness towards the issue of mental well-being. Mental well-being is one of the greatest challenges for people in the 21st century, as the number of people suffering from burnout, depression and anxiety is skyrocketing.  More and more people are yearning for a place where they can shut out the external pressures that they are exposed to on a daily basis. The really important factor for people when it comes to interior design is the ability to make any place their own.  A place should represent who you are and reflect your identity. Interior design is actually an extension of yourself. This makes the Me-Shed the ideal manifestation of this special need.

For us, the ME-Shed trend is another great opportunity to use BE.YOND, the most environmentally-friendly chipboard on the market. BE.YOND is made with the next generation of bio-based binders for Europe’s next generation. ME-Shed’s colour nuances are deep and rich. Green is the dominant colour. The palette ranges from soft tones to a kind of emerald that defines Nature’s colour palette. This is combined with oak and other valuable regional and traditional materials such as walnut, marble or textile effects.


We are increasingly living an “agile” life. The line between work and life is more fluid than ever. In one moment we need a workspace and in other moment, a living space. This means the space around us, in particular the furnishings, should be flexible and be able to change to meet our current needs. This trend is about requiring our interiors to adapt to our changing circumstances.

Covid has given us the biggest home office experiment ever. We know from research that the incompatibility of work and private life causes great problems for many people. There is therefore a huge need for flexible and realistic solutions. Many companies today offer hybrid work solutions as a new norm. The problem with this is that most urban areas lack space. When space is at a premium, when change is the order of the day and work-life balance is taken seriously, then interiors and their surfaces not only need to be flexible and modular, they should also be innovative and add value. This is offered by protective surfaces such as BE.SAFE.

From a surface design perspective, our multifunctional spaces need adaptable decor that fit in anywhere, any time. A light chestnut, for instance, meets this requirement in several ways. Chestnut is the wood grain that encourages and supports transformation processes, with its light colour and natural radiance, it adapts very well to changing situations. Pair it with a vibrant but calm terrazzo and warm neutral colours like mocha and rhino grey.
The icing on the cake is silk; a bright, friendly blue-violet. For the flooring we recommend a darker ash with this light violet undertone. This creates a very open look that leaves room for flexibility.