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What does your shelf say about you?

Hardly any piece of furniture says more about its owner than a shelf. “A shelf is something extremely personal” Of this the two creators of the 7172 furniture system, carpenter Thomas Kandler and architect Robert Kern from Munich, are convinced. Both are passionate fans of wood and developed the 7172 modular wooden furniture system in 2014. In addition to side tables, benches and sideboards, the system mainly includes shelves and room dividers for homes and offices. Regardless of whether solid wood and/or raw or coated SWISSCDF panels are used, the 7172 furniture system provides vast freedom of design for individual solutions. And thanks to the modular design, elements can be reconfigured as needed even after assembly.

The material from which dream shelves are made

SWISSCDF makes dreams come true.

More about SWISSCDF

The groove milled into both sides of the shelves is characteristic of the shelves’ appearance. Corresponding panels – such as decorative colour strips and orientation systems, and even acoustic elements – can be mounted and dismounted effortlessly. The 7172 furniture system’s shelves appear particularly high quality when the side panels are made only of SWISSCDF panels from SWISS KRONO, which are only 8 mm thick but are extremely strong.

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