You can't go wrong with these 4 trends

We at SWISS KRONO always have an eye on the needs and attitudes of people in society. Primary social influences, such as health, connectivity or climate change, shape us all equally in all areas. From these influences on society, we have deduced the 4 most relevant interior trends for this year and compiled them exclusively for you.

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Warm Craft
We celebrate the experience of the haptic and the natural as a counterpoint to advancing digitalisation, so to speak. The combination of modern with old, antique and classic furniture creates a very special, cosy atmosphere. Again, craftsmanship plays a bigger role. We reflect on our roots and let the sensual feel become an experience.

Urban Agility
Working and living spaces must be able to adapt to new, agile structures. This includes furniture. This trend can be found both inside and outside cities and can best be described with the phrase “less is more”. The exterior order thus has a positive effect on the inner order of people. Urban agility satisfies the requirement to concentrate on the essentials. An essential quality in the era of working from home and flexible working time models.

Cosy Bohemian
Sensuality combined with comfort. In times of caution, we yearn for comfortable places of retreat. Opulent shapes, bold patterns, warm colours. The joy of the sheer endless variety of things and the unusual mix of old & new. The cosy bohemian trend epitomises the decorative and individual with a high level of cosiness.

Healthy Nordic
A healthy, conscious lifestyle is becoming more and more important. Healthy and natural living – according to the Scandinavian model. Simplicity and naturalness define the Scandinavian way of life. Typical features include the combination of light wood with white, light grey and blue tones. A balanced interior climate when it comes to colour, light and air makes an essential contribution to healthy living.

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