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Did you know?

Antimicrobial surfaces are effective against a broad spectrum of microbes – an antibacterial surface only against bacteria.





Protection for your safety

World’s first furniture surface with
antimicrobial effect




  • Active 2-fold protection against viruses and bacteria
  • 24/7 effect since the active ingredient is retained during the product life cycle
  • Worry-free safety because the antimicrobial active ingredient is integrated in the product
  • Tested, confirmed and certified by the Hohenstein Institute


Until now, antibacterial surfaces were only available on the wood-based materials market. Thanks to its 2-fold protection, the newly developed BE.SAFE surface from SWISS KRONO is effective against viruses and bacteria for the first time. For this innovation, SWISS KRONO collaborated with a company that is considered a pioneer in developing materials and surfaces with antimicrobial properties.

The additive used attacks the membranes of viruses and bacteria, in doing so eliminating any pathogens. Since the additive has a physical effect and is integrated into the product, it does not lose its effect, therefore providing lasting protection throughout the product life cycle. The product’s antimicrobial property was tested, confirmed and certified by the Hohenstein Institute. All furniture decor in the ONE WORLD collection is available with the BE.SAFE antimicrobial surface upon request.

Further information at: www.swisskrono.com/besafe


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