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The floor for every

Don’t worry, this floor can take it.


More About Corepel

Wood and water don’t get along? Puddles and spilled liquids can cause deformities and mould on floors? Not with the completely waterproof Corepel: its extremely tight joints stop liquid from penetrating the floor. Use Corepel floors in wet rooms: in the bathroom, laundry room or recreation room. The panels do not swell when wet and do not absorb liquids and odours. They are easy to look after and can be cleaned effortlessly with steam or a mop. This makes Corepel the ideal flooring for young families, with or without pets.



SWISS KRONO flooring ideas

Extremely robust and 100%




  • Durable, antibacterial and slip-resistant
  • Extremely scratch and stain resistant
  • 100% waterproof
  • Protection against fungal and insect infestation
  • 5x stronger bonding
  • Complies with all requirements DEC (Durable Eco Composite) standards
  • Integrated Ecosound impact sound absorption

A highly stable wooden core bonded by high performance resin guarantees that Corepel has the best dimensional stability in its category. Corepel’s floor panels fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. Their tight bond remains stable even when temperatures fluctuate: it is five times stronger than other design floors.

With a wood content of over 50%, Corepel contains the highest proportion of renewable raw materials among water-resistant design floors. Even more: it is the first floor to meet the requirements of the new DEC standard. DEC stands for Durable Eco Composite. This means Corepel has the lowest level of emissions, ensuring good ambient air quality.

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