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The wall panel for nature lovers: BE.YOND ecoWALL

Did you know that you can protect the environment and your health with your choice in furnishing style?

Just as there has always been a deep connection humans and nature, people are also connected intimately with their living space. We influence our living space. Our living space influences us. So it should be obvious that our health and well-being are also influenced by our living space. A conscientious handling of construction materials is as essential today as a conscientious approach to food. The air we breathe is our most important food.

Our innovative BE.YOND series represents a deliberate choice to dispense with adhesives, raw materials and materials that are not found in nature. BE.YOND is the answer to the question of whether it is possible to furnish your home in a natural, healthy and sustainable way without foregoing aesthetics, design and individuality.

The ecological wall panel BE.YOND ecoWALL is the newest member of our BE.YOND series. The large number of individual patterns and decorative styles makes hearts beat faster. BE.YOND ecoWALL is the right choice, regardless of your individual interior style. Which interior trend suits you?

The sustainable BE.YOND ecoWALL wall panel is not only very easy to install yourself, it is also a natural wood product made exclusively from sustainable materials, and is produced in Europe using a particularly resource-efficient approach.

True to the motto “If you love nature, then live like that”, our BE.YOND ecoWALL wall panels are the perfect product to furnish your own apartment, office, shop or hotel in a sustainable way in a number of individual styles.

Love your home, love nature!

Protect the environment and your health with the new BE.YOND wall panels.

More to BE.YOND ecoWALL

Sustainable & Ecological

Wand panels to fall in love with

  • Produced from renewable raw materials
  • For a healthy indoor climate
  • Made in Europe
  • Easy to install
  • Designs to fall in love with

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