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Not just new, but better

This claim guided us as we redesigned our ONE WORLD app from scratch. In doing so, we interpreted and implemented the wishes and behaviour of our users and focused on achieving simplicity and intuitiveness. You can find it in the Appstore under “World of Living Spaces”!


What does the app offer?
This app ensures it’s now easier for you to find the right decoration for your project. Because the interior design of living spaces is as individual as each and every one of us. Select from a large portfolio of outstanding designs and choose the surface that best suits your needs. You can easily filter the decoration according to your requirements by colour, surface, style and highlights. Click on the heart symbol to save your personal decoration favourites. Now even easier and faster.

Interior App

Designing living spaces digitally

  • See our many and varied products in a new light.

  • Intuitive navigation thanks to finely tuned filters and categories.

  • An overall improved user experience and flow.

Leaner, easier, faster.

The focus is clearly on user-centric navigation through the variety of products in SWISS KRONO’s One World. This required a complete redesign of the technology under the hood, so that decorations are no longer stored in-app and thus on your device, but are retrieved from the cloud. Portfolio updates are made remain easy and convenient. In addition, all collections have now been localised and can therefore be retrieved in your language – automatically based on your device settings.

Along with your new user experience, you will now discover many features that make it easier for you to use and search for your favourite or desired decoration. For example, we have completely optimised the search function, added new filter options and made categorisation more intuitive. On the other hand, rarely used features have also been removed for the sake of simplicity.

Upgrade to the new World of Living Spaces now!

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