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KRONOTEX Decor Innovations 2021

More than a year of intensive research work now lies behind the team around Achim Scholz, Head of Product Management at SWISS KRONO TEX. Current trends and developments within society were detected, observed and analysed. The result: 18 new KRONOTEX flooring decors, geared to your wishes and needs. Discover the high-value decor innovations in our collections Herringbone, Exquisit, Amazone, Robusto, Mega Plus, Exquist Plus and Dynamic Plus – confer an upgrade upon both yourself and your home!

Regardless of whether sensual, warm and vibrant, natural and bright or timeless and elegant: our new decors are manifold in their designs. They suit just about every style of living and spatial concept. At the focus thereof are new maple and oak decors that you may incorporate into your interior design in a particularly individual and variable fashion.

SWISS KRONO Flooring Decors

A Pioneer of Design

  • A total of 18 new KRONOTEX flooring decors
  • Manifold designs, incorporable in just about every room concept
  • Compatible with the SWISS KRONO Interior Trends
  • Available in the collections Exquisit, Herringbone, Amazone, Mega Plus, Robusto, Exquisit Plus and Dynamic Plus

The new decors can furthermore be ideally combined with the current Interior Trends. Thus it is that the Herringbone-Decor Elba Oak Black radiates elegance and comfort totally in tune with the Warm Craft trend. Whereas our design Samara with its warm caramel tones confers warmth, security and a touch of the Cosy Bohemian upon any habitat. Thanks to bright decors such as Kashmir Oak Beige, facileness and flexibility make their entrances – the right choice for rooms in the Urban Agility Style.

No matter which of the new decors you choose, all SWISS KRONO floorings are manufactured using high-quality timber from sustainable forest management. Thanks to an abrasion-resistant protective film, they are robust and protected against mechanical damage. Thanks to the 5G click system they may be laid in the simple and comfortable manner to which you are accustomed.

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