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About COnnect

What is SWISS KRONO COnnect and for whom is it?

SWISS KRONO COnnect is an online platform for events, product news and inspiration about wood-based solutions. It is for retailers, architects, designers, and everybody who creates living spaces. On our platform you will always find new content on inspiring wood solutions. Our aim is to create a place where people can be inspired and expand their knowledge. Here at COnnect we want to give you space to connect with each other and grow together with us. This platform is operated and made available by SWISS KRONO.

What are the benefits of registering on SWISS KRONO COnnect?

With your registration, you get access to exclusive webinars with proven experts. Click here to sign up. We will also develop new features for registered users to connect with us and each other and share their ideas and thoughts.

You can also register for our newsletter to be the first to know about our upcoming online events, latest product highlights and magazine articles. Our monthly newsletter brings you new impulses about products and solutions in the field of building and designing with wood. You will also find interesting content from the SWISS KRONO ecosystem, for example about our brand ambassador Anna Kiesenhofer, and inspiring projects from all over the world.

You can register on the bottom of our homepage or in our meta menu on the right side.

I am interested in a webinar. How can I participate?

Some of our events are broadcast as livestreams on the COnnect platform. To take part, you can register here. The process to register is very simple and works in a few minutes. We only need a few pieces of information and you are part of COnnect. 

If an event has already taken place, you can watch the webinar online on the COnnect platform. Register here and go to events to attend any online webinar on demand – anywhere at any time.

How can I give feedback to COnnect contents?

If you want to give feedback on any of the contents on the COnnect plattform, have questions about a product, an event or a magazine topic, do not hesitate to write us via our contact form. You can also check out our Social Media Channels on InstagramTikTokFacebookLinkedIn! We are very happy to receive your feedback and will do our utmost to take it into account and integrate it as quickly as possible. Many thanks in advance!

Can I contribute my own content to COnnect?

Yes, we are always grateful for new inspiring topics that we can include on our platform. Please use our contact form to present your idea to us. Our editorial team will then get in touch with you immediately and discuss everything else! Please understand that we cannot cover all topics on COnnect, but want to stay true to our core, which focuses on wood-based solutions for architects, designers and everyone who designs with wood.

Who can I talk to about starting a business relationship with SWISS KRONO?

If you are interested in us as a company or in our products, we will be happy to assist you. Depending on your project, there are different contact persons in our company. For the first contact, simply use our contact form.

Products and topics on COnnect

What type of products is COnnect about?

The highlight products we present to you on COnnect are special wood-based solutions from the areas of building materials, decors and flooring. With these products it is possible to create extraordinary spaces for people, as they are particularly innovative, functional and have a wide range of inspiring designs. In our webinars, you can learn more about their specific features and exceptional value from our proven experts from all around the world.

Can I find all SWISS KRONO products on COnnect?

Since we produce a vast variety of different products at all our locations worldwide, which are tailor-made for the respective markets, we can only present a representative excerpt here. On COnnect you can find out about our latest innovative product highlights that perfectly fit to current design and societal trends. To view all SWISS KRONO products, please visit the SWISS KRONO global portal.

I want to buy a SWISS KRONO product. Where can I get specific information and technical specifications about it?

The availability of our products depends on where you are in the world. The best thing to do is to visit our portal to find your specific contact person. Of course, you can also send us your individual enquiry using the contact options there and on COnnect. Our portal will guide you to the specific regional website, that suits your location. There you will also have the possibility to find out more about the products you are interested in.

Where can I get product samples?

The availability of prodcut samples depends on where you are in the world. Our dealers all over the world can provide you with different product samples expecially regarding Interiors and flooring. To find your nearest dealer, simply use our dealer search at

I am looking for special utility flooring (e.g. water resistant). Which products meet my requirements?

We at SWISS KRONO are specialists when it comes to wood-based flooring. Based on our years of experience and expertise we have developed various laminate floorings that meet the most diverse requirements. 

Our latest innovation is the eco-friendly design floor COREPEL. Its 5x stronger joints, exceedingly high wood content and 100% water resistance make it unbeatably durable. Other waterproof collections are e.g. Kronotex AQUAROBUSTO or Krono Swiss SWISS AQUASTOP.

Furthermore, we offer special products such as our flooring collection Herringbone. The new highlight floor translates the principle of the classic herringbone parquet into the world of laminate. 

You can find an overview of all our flooring products and collections on the SWISS KRONO Global Portal.

What are antimicrobial surfaces and how do they work?

Viruses and bacteria find extremely clever ways to get from one person to another. For example, by adhering to surfaces that are touched by many people. In the prevention of spreading viruses and bacteria, surfaces with antimicrobial effect can make an important contribution. 

SWISS KRONO developed BE.SAFE. A product with antimicrobial surface. The additive used attacks the membranes of viruses and bacteria and thus eliminates any pathogens. Since the additive acts physically and is integrated into the product, it does not lose its effect and therefore offers lasting protection throughout the product life cycle. The antimicrobial product properties have been tested, confirmed and certified by the Hohenstein institutes.

Find out more about BE.SAFE and its antimicrobial surface.

What is healthy building and living and why is it important?

Healthy building and living includes different areas, such as the air we breathe and the quality and sustainability of the materials around us. Sustainability and health-focus are central requirements of future-proof buildings. This is for the sake of people and the environment.

Find out more about why healthy building and living are important and how SWISS KRONO makes this a priority:

Magazine article: Why healthy building and living is important

Sustainable building and living with SWISS KRONO MagnumBoard OSB

How does SWISS KRONO contribute to a sustainable future?

The SWISS KRONO Group has attached value to the sustainable use of resources since its formation. Wood is a valuable, renewable raw material – and one of the most environmentally friendly. The SWISS KRONO Group takes its responsibility not only for the environment but also for future generations seriously. The Group’s long-term strategy includes targeted investments with which the Group promotes environmental protection and minimises the use of natural resources. The SWISS KRONO Group continuously examines and invests to put sustainability into practice to its full extent.

Offering a wide range of sustainable wood-based materials that support building with wood is not just our passion, it is our responsibility. By increasingly using renewable building materials, we are contributing to a better, healthier world. And our production processes even allow us to produce 90% of the thermal energy used from renewable sources in a climate-neutral way. We continuously recycle wood and other raw materials to optimise our processes so that they are truly sustainable, therefore making an active contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

Find out more about how SWISS KRONO contributes to a sustainable future. 

What is the Cradle2Cradle principle?

Cradle to Cradle stands for a consistent closed-loop economy which does not produce waste but only uses recyclable materials without compromising quality. Ecological building only really begins when products certified by Cradle to Cradle are used. This is especially important to us, as we greatly honour the central raw material for our solutions. Wood is a very valuable material and that's why we make a point of using it as effectively and sustainably as possible.

What are the current interior trends?

The current interior trends are Warm Craft, Urban Agility, Cozy Bohemian and Healthy Nordic. 

Find out more about the trends and what makes them unique. 

And follow us on our Instagram accounts SWISS KRONO Group and SWISS KRONO Creators Club to get even more inspiration and tips on interior trends.

I have questions about a magazine article. Who can I contact?

For any question, please use our contact form and we will answer your question as quick as possible. You can also check out our social media channels, where we often post about our magazine articles. In the comments or direct messages you will find someone who has an answer for you.

Where do I find reference projects with SWISS KRONO products in action?

For information and news about reference projects with SWISS KRONO products you can go to the COnnect magazine and use the filters (for example the filter “office project”) to view exactly the projects you are interested in. 

We also highly recommend following us on our Instagram accounts SWISS KRONO Group and SWISS KRONO Creators Club to get inspired by reference projects, DIY-ideas and tips on interior design.

I did a project with SWISS KRONO products myself. Where can I show it?

You can use our contact form or write us a direct message on our Instagram account SWISS KRONO Creators Club. We are really looking forward to see your inspirational work!

I want to do my own project. Where do I get inspiration and consultancy?

Follow us on our Instagram account SWISS KRONO Creators Club to get inspired by our DIY-Videos and interior tips. You can also show us your projects with SWISS KRONO products and take part in our Creators Club community. Let’s connect!

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How do I subscribe to the newsletter?

To receive our newsletter with information about upcoming events, new products and exciting articles, go to SWISS KRONO COnnect and scroll down to the newsletter form or use the envelope icon on the right side. Fill in your e-mail address and your name and verify your registration. If the newsletter ends up in your spam folder, please consider adding us to your e-mail address book. Still struggling? Just use our contact form! We will help you as soon as possible.

How can I manage my newsletter subscription?

If you want to change how you receive the newsletter, just scroll down to the end of one of your received newsletters and click on the link that is relevant to you. You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from the newsletter list. You will always have the chance to rejoin the list via our newsletter sign-up form. If you have any questions just use our contact form.

How does SWISS KRONO process my personal data?

We need some data to provide you an inspirational and relevant platform. However, we only collect as much information as we absolutely need (minimum principle). To get information on data protection for our online services, please visit our privacy policy.