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The new ultra-matt
BE.VELVET surfaces
are built for life



BE.VELVET at a glance



  • Ultra-matt velvety surfaces
  • Fingerprint- and scratch-resistant
  • Antibacterial and easy-clean
  • Extremely robust and durable
  • Made in Europe
  • Tested according to rigorous safety and environmental standards


High-quality, ultra-matt finish

BE.VELVET decors are available in eight warm colors and do not reflect light. They have a timeless aesthetic that conveys a sense of quality and comfort. With large panels measuring 2.80 m x 2.07 m and 5.60 m x 2.07 m, BE.VELVET surfaces are suited to a wide range of applications and limitless creative furnishing solutions.


Durable and sustainable

Along with aesthetics and functionality, sustainability is an important decision criterion when selecting materials. Durable premium surfaces like BE.VELVET preserve resources, as they can withstand years of intensive use before they need to be replaced.

High-quality BE.VELVET surfaces are made in Europe and tested and certified according to rigorous safety and environmental standards. As furniture surfaces, all eight BE.VELVET decors can be combined with BE.YOND, the most environmentally friendly chipboard on the market, to ensure an all-round healthy atmosphere.


The new ultra-matt BE.VELVET surfaces are built for life; not just smooth and elegant, they are also extremely robust and easy to clean. With their sustainable, high-quality properties, they create vibrant spaces that are stylish, healthy and simply beautiful.

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