Flooring Highlight

The classical reinterpreted

Herringbone flooring owes its name to the characteristic pattern. The new Herringbone highlight floor translates the principle of the classic herringbone parquet into the world of laminate. The colour shades, which are perceived differently, mean than Herringbone can be combined practically and effortlessly with any interior style and is easy to install yourself.

The Wilhelmine era-style has never been easier, more individual and flexible to implement. In contrast with herringbone parquet, with which every single slat has to be cumbersomely stuck together, you can lay Herringbone seamlessly, installing in a simple do-it-yourself process. Herringbone makes your life and designing your rooms foolproof. The easy-to-use two-piece set also makes it easier than you might think, thanks to the modern CLIC system.

Foolproof with a
wow effect

The new laminate collection in herringbone look

SWISS KRONO flooring ideas

Beauty with responsibility

  • Made Germany
  • Wood from sustainably managed forests
  • Authentic wood grains and stone textures
  • 665 mm long x 133 mm wide individual boards
  • Easy floating installation
  • Easy DIY installation

In their rectangular arrangement, the 665 mm-long and 133 mm-wide individual panels brighten and enrich the ambience with the high-quality herringbone aesthetic. The Herringbone collection comprises 8 uniquely harmonious decors.

Herringbone is manufactured in Germany. We only use wood from sustainable forestry. Generally, SWISS KRONO laminate floors do not contain any plasticisers and can, therefore, be installed in children’s rooms without any worries. The flowing installation means that no gluing is needed on the floor, therefore leaving no risk of residues in the ambient air. SWISS KRONO laminate can be recycled after use and returned to the product cycle.

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