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The sustainable wood-based material: OSB

Those who decide to build with wood and wood-based materials actively contribute to the environment: wood is the only renewable raw material – within five seconds, enough wood grows in Germany for a single-family home. Wood is also a natural carbon store and manufacturing using wood-based materials demonstrably consumes less energy than most other building materials.

The solution to the future challenges of modern, energy-efficient construction and renovation is simple: optimally insulated and architecturally sophisticated buildings are created with SWISS KRONO’s highly specialised and coordinated OSB system materials.

Wood-based materials for a sense of well-being

OSB can be relied on for every construction project

OSB wood-based material

The natural all-rounder

  • Universal application options
  • High-level of bending strength
  • High load-bearing capacity, even with lower board thickness
  • Low dead weight/low density
  • 100 % glued together without any formaldehyde
  • Manufactured from PEFCTM-certified thinnings
  • Use as a vapour barrier (no foils)

Whether as supporting and bracing panelling on ceiling beams, loft, roof and wall panelling or as flooring; OSB offers the optimal solution for all requirements.

Discover a variety of highly specialised OSB system products in our range. OSB offers you the perfect answer for all challenges and areas of application. Regardless of whether this concerns the highest requirements for healthy living, ambient air quality, large-scale applications, water resistance, termite prevention, food quality or the highest structural demands;

SWISS KRONO OSB is a certified, efficient, harmless and high-quality wood-based material that meets all requirements for environmentally-friendly construction.

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